9 Reasons to Choose WordPress Over a Hosted CMS [Updated]

When you commit to a CMS you’re committing to the website experience. You’re not just choosing how your website is going to look or how your visitors will use it. You’re committing yourself to its development process and the problems you’re bound to face.

In the 16 years since it’s release, WordPress has become the most popular CMS on the web. Its pros and cons have been detailed and debated numerous times, but just why is it the most popular CMS and why should you commit to it as yours?

Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress :

1. Popularity

why you should use wordpress

It’s estimated that in 2019 over 34% of all websites are powered by WordPress. It’s immense popularity and staying power are testaments to its quality as a CMS. We’ve all been told we shouldn’t copy others but in this case, seeing what everyone else is doing might be the right idea. The incredible presence and quality of clients that WordPress has are reasons enough to give it a try.

2. Plugin support

Plugins are an essential part of the WordPress experience. The WordPress library features an expansive collection of thousands of plugins. Plugins are essential for developing your website and offer a huge amount of flexibility for tailoring how both you and your users experience the website.

From integration with Google Analytics to image optimizers, there’s a WordPress plugin for everything you could ever want to do with your website. Finding a plugin, reading numerous reviews and installing updates are all seamless within the library. It’s one of WordPress’ biggest upsides.

3. Created with SEO in mind

SEO is an essential consideration for any new website to make a mark with Google rankings. For newcomers, it can be confusing, overwhelming and another investment you didn’t want to have to make.

Unlike many other CMS, WordPress is SEO-friendly out of the box. It features SEO-friendly URLs and a simple template for optimizing titles and meta descriptions. A brilliant introduction for novices and a head start against competitors using more complicated CMS.

There are also a number of excellent SEO plugins in the WordPress library. They offer a clear introduction to more advanced options without hours of research. The majority of WordPress themes are also SEO-friendly, which is vital if you don’t want to put style over substance on your website.

4. Open-source CMS

WordPress is open-source, which means all its users can access its code. If you’re tired of working around a rigid CMS, then this is a huge check in the WordPress tally. WordPress doesn’t require you to be a coding wiz to make changes. Simply download the WordPress code and alter it to your preferences. Best of all, this is another brilliant free service.

The open-source nature of WordPress has led to a plethora of creative plugins and nearly limitless potential. Make sure you’re with a CMS that isn’t playing catch up.

5. Speed optimization

How quickly your website loads is important. Not only does a slow loading time frustrate your users, but Google has made it public knowledge they take into consideration the speed of your website when ranking it. In this vital metric, WordPress stands out as one of the fastest options amongst its major competitors. If you’re ever finding your WordPress website too slow then there are experts and plugins available to help quickly turn that performance around.

6. A professional-looking website

The array of free and paid themes available for WordPress is one of its major selling points. We’ve already discussed how a WordPress theme helps your SEO, but a website that looks professional and enticing is one that keeps users once they do find your website.

Thousands of instantly installable themes are easy to use and accessible from the store without hassle. WordPress is one of the best CMS for going from generic website #1 to a stand out in the field. A website that looks good is vital for standing out and attracting the right people, whether that’s drawing in customers or making yourself appealing to an influencer looking for a collaboration.

7. Mobile responsive

Everyone who browses the internet now also does so through mobile. Websites that aren’t optimized for phones and tablets are missing out on a huge chunk of their potential audience.

Google also put a huge priority on websites that optimize for mobile platforms. WordPress itself is optimized for mobile and all themes added to the library must be mobile compatible as standard. This saves you time and money that would be spent trying to work out why each individual factor isn’t working on a smaller screen. From user experience to admin back ends, WordPress has you covered on non-desktop platforms.

8. Security assured

It’s vital to make sure your website is properly protected, both for yourself and your users.
While online security has come a long way, there are still issues that arise. Not only does the WordPress security team offers continued support and updates to keep the platform safe, but backups for themes and plugins are available in the library. There are trust-worthy free and paid options, a testament to the flexibility that comes with WordPress’ popularity. Other CMS may take security for granted while working on innovations, but not WordPress.

9. Community and WordPress experts

WordPress’ open-source nature is notable for how it has spawned a huge community of developers and creatives. The WordPress community has helped to develop themes, plugins and SEO methods for the platform that push the boundaries of the CMS. Solutions to the majority of problems you’ll face are just a Google search away, and if you ever want to experiment there are a variety of forums to discuss your ideas on with fellow WordPress enthusiasts.

For some more professional support, there is also a range of affordable experts on hand to solve issues and offer support. Web developers have been springing up for years, all with their own WordPress specialties.

WordPress has earnt its popularity and the devotion of its fanbase. It’s a brilliantly simple CMS that outclasses the competition for ease of use and integration with updates and plugins. From seasoned developers to new business owners it’s worth everyone giving WordPress a chance.

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